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"Bram Lewis is simply the wisest theatre man I know. He brings an enormous breadth of knowledge and experience to his work with actors, and his coaching helps them give the smart, distinctive auditions that book work. He is also kind, generous, and endlessly enthusiastic. Above all, he possesses a quality sorely lacking in many teachers and coaches nowadays: heart."

-Timothy Carter, Scar in “The Lion King” national tour

Although I haven’t worked with Bram Lewis for a long time – an unfortunate result of being 3000 miles away – he is and always will be the one person I call my acting coach. I have had teachers since and certainly will have still more in the future, but Bram is the one person who filled my “acting toolbucket” with the tools I use every day. To be sure, he would claim that I had the tools all along, and he merely helped me use them more effectively, but what else could be expected from a man who is as humble as he is wickedly talented, both as an actor and a coach. His experience in the industry provides a strong foundation in the technical aspects of auditioning and performance, and his talent and magical spirit provide the ability to gently and fluidly improve even the best performance. Be it an audition or performance for stage, TV, or film, I use what I learned from Bram every day. There is no better teacher, and his spirit is unmatched.

-- David Mattey
-- Actor: Toxic Avenger Part IV, Hancock, Supernatural, iCarly,

The Spy Next Door etc

Bram Lewis changed my life! While i walked into an "Acting for the fun of it" class to deal with catatonic shyness, i walked out a touring & teaching national slam poet. I have competed in 9 National Competitions, toured the country teaching and performing
at schools, libraries & bookstores across America, all thanks to the brilliant Bram. He has been instrumental in couching my Slam Teams at the National Poetry slams for the past 3 years. He has shown me, that it can always be done better.... And it is
always FUN learning how.

-- Eric ZORK Alan
-- 9X National Poetry Slam Competitor & author of "I am NOT a poet"

There have probably been few people as reluctant as I was, when confronted with group performance coaching, required as preparation for the National Poetry Slam. I never did, nor do I now, consider myself an actress; but Bram Lewis has a magical rapport with students of all levels or skill, experience and confidence. His teaching is always personal and specific to the person. He is simultaneously challenging without intimidating and critical without discouraging. Again and again I have seen him bring out performances that surprise not only the class, but the student involved. Simply put, I have been amazed, by watching him with other poet students and by the transformation of my own presentations. I have engaged his coaching services myself, to prepare for poetry features and individual competition.

-- Laura Vookles
-- Chief Curator of Collections @ Hudson River Museum, 2007 National Poetry

Slam competitor, 2008 Women of the World competitor

"Bram Lewis is the sole and entire inspiration behind me becoming a professional actor. His vast knowledge of the craft, uncanny ability to access talent, and unmitigated passion are invaluable gifts. Bram's techniques are with me at every audition and performance. His profundity as an actor and coach are unparalleled, and he teaches far more than mere fundamentals; he teaches an actor how to "fresh mint" their experience. Whatever the medium of performance might be, Bram gives his students the resources to shine. He supports and encourages them with every fiber of his being, and he does so in such a way that is unfailingly honest and kind - a rare combination. He is a true veteran. I have taken his advice over and over again, and I am a working actor becuase of it. It is an honor to call myself his student."

-- Colette D'Antona
-- Regional Stage Actress and former student at SUNY/Purchase _ M.F.A. Acting Alabama Shakespeare Festival PATP

Thanks for all your coaching in '08-it helped me a great deal at the National Poetry Jam in Madison, Wis. I scored a 27 out of 30! with a very passionate Victoria Secret piece.

-James Joseph Buhs, Slam Poet

Towards the end of my two year conservatory training I was being very challenged by a scene I was doing from "True West" and I had an absolute breakdown in my faith in myself as an actor that day. Out of all the numerous peers and teachers I could have turn to, Bram was the one I went to and who turned out to be my saving grace that day. Without even seeing me perform, he quickly and concisely talked me through (and over) the hurdles that I was stumbling on and I left our impromptu therapy/coaching session from thinking I should never act again to being able to excute my role with a very postive reception. Bram's theater knowdledge, experience on both sides of the boards and deep thoughtful kindness towards his students is what makes him an outstanding choice for any performer looking for a audition coach. You will feel understood, your goals comprehended and a clear supportive direction on how to get "there".

-Jayson Berkshire, Hank in "Indian Summer" Feature Film

Bram Lewis is masterful at zeroing in on under-developed moments in a performance and inspiring new interpretations that are rich with subtext and underlying truth. With his coaching, you will be at the top of your game.

-Pam Maclean - Works with Disney and is a former American Musical and Dramatic Academy student

"Beneath the surface calm, Lewis radiates intensity, always questioning, planning, dreaming... 'I think there's a point where someone else thinks the work is done, and the work is never done...It is never, never, never, never done.'
Lewis illustrates three critical factors behind the remarkable success of The Phoenix: His faith in Theater's ability to communicate deeply consequential ideas, his passion for detail, and his perseverance...' There's a part of me that constantly doubts Status Quo. I'm someone who at least likes to test the odds, if not defy them,'...Inspiring... a Master-Builder..... 

-Stuart Miller, Theater Week-

"The soft-spoken yet charismatic Artistic Director of The Phoenix Theatre Company took a fledgling summer theater and nurtured it into a formidable regional theater luring top-flight often famous professionals to his stage.Greats like Ellen Burstyn, Julie Harris, Stephen Collins and George Grizzard performed over the years. Lewis also had the courage to mount productions of new and rarely seen p;ays and offered innovative spins on the classics from people like Shakespeare and Ibsen. Devoted Phoenix fans will remember Bram's optimistic, missionary speech that opened every performance: "If you like what you see, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! If you don't like what you see, TELL ME!."

-Amy Arkwy, Westchester Weekly

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